How ludicrously loooooooooooong?

Can I just say ‘well done’ to everyone for surviving yet another incredibly challenging January. 

Whether you chose to do it dry, carb free, or instead promised to get your ten-thousand daily steps in, or whether, like me, you deliberately increased your carb and alcohol intake in order to numb the endless suffering, whilst each day failing miserably to make even the slightest dent on the so called daily recommended amount of physical activity.  

Never mind how you managed to survive it.

The important thing is that you did!

Well done to each and everyone one of you! 

I’m sure there were about 173 days in the January just gone.

I kept checking only to find that inconceivably….it WAS still January!

The month was so long, in fact, that my husband was utterly convinced we were nearing the end of February, he had actually lost a whole month in the grand confusion of it all.

Whilst recently looking to book a weekend away and perusing the ‘What’s on in Catalonia’ calendar for any suggestions of upcoming events which might be worth our while coinciding with ‘yet another’ jaunt to the coast, my husband remarked, “That’s a shame, we’ve just missed the Catalonia carnivals, they were on last week!” referring to dates of 21st – 24th of February. He even said FEBRUARY out loud!

I looked at him with what I assumed was a mixture of confusion, query and colossal skepticism, plus just the merest hint of “don’t be a sizeable twat”  thrown in for good measure, but what was probably just another one of my deadpan, empty, unfathomable looks which in reality, could mean absolutely anything.

He returned the look, awaiting some comment and when I realised that the penny was clearly never going to drop of it’s own accord, I eventually led him to the conclusion that rather than having missed it, it was in fact still some three and a bit weeks away.

The abject horror and utter bewilderment on his face at the abrupt realisation that “YES!” we were indeed still living the eternal nightmare that is January, was rather quickly replaced by an almost palpable elation that far from having missed the said event, it was instead still perfectly achievable.

And there you have it, perhaps the most speedily agreed upon sojourn in the entire history of our relationship; born initially from befuddlement and then striding swiftly into a rather serendipitous circumstance, the where, the why and the when was decided upon in less than two minutes. 

Leaving the entire evening free to watch a film instead. 


I, for one, was not about to remind him that we had initially been looking to plan a trip for mid to late March. Ssssshhhhhh!

Instead, we’d hastily arranged a weekend away in just a few weeks time, which still leaves plenty of opportunity for me to arrange another break for March and also to shoehorn one into April too before our ten day break at the beginning of May.  

Gotta love a mini-break…tee-hee.


What an ideal way to celebrate the conclusion of another interminable January.

Until the next time folks.

Wishing you all a very happy and somewhat briefer February.

The Virtual Recluse

Mark Twain allegedly said:

“The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.”

With that in mind, I shall now consider myself a self-appointed, full-time ‘Vacay-Planner’. 

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