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Just a very brief post, firstly to let you know that I am still alive and well and also to provide an update on the current goings-on.

As you know from my previous post some weeks back, my friend was imminently about to visit for a week to officially launch our writing collaboration and partnership.

Well, his visit has now been and gone and almost two weeks have passed since then.

When I tell you that we spent just one and a half days of that entire week actively working on our ‘project’ you will undoubtedly think to yourself “the lazy bastards” but let me assure you that it is quality and NOT quantity that is key to any successful project.

It is also helpful if your writing partner is capable of surfacing before midday. #thirtythreeyearoldteenager

To be fair, he had been very busy at work prior to his visit and really did need a break and to relax though, quite frankly, if he’d relaxed any more I think he might have slipped into a coma.

He will be reading this, of course, no doubt with several strong objections but our writing partnership is only with regards to new material and does not, therefore, include admin access to my existing blog so I can still say what I want….he is utterly defenceless, can’t even leave a comment without it having to be approved.

All jokes aside though, it has seen a very promising start to our collaboration. Writing has now commenced in earnest and we are in close and regular contact:

A typical day:

Me: “I’ve just written chapter ten, let me know what you think”.

Me: “Sorry. Me again.  I’ve just amended/tweaked chapter ten. You might need to give it another look if you have already read it, just to be aware of the changes. ”

Me: “I’ve just written chapters eleven and twelve. Read at your leisure.”

Me: “I’ve just uploaded a draft storyline for book two. Look forward to your feedback”

He: “It’s 7.30pm. I’ve just got home from work and I’m about to have my dinner :/ ”

As I said to a friend recently. I am definitely an all or nothing kind of girl.
At the moment I am definitely going through an ‘ALL’ phase.

My writing partner, on the other hand, could be going through the following gamut of emotions:

Whilst we do not currently have a specific deadline for work completion and it it is not altogether necessary to put any undue pressure on ourselves to have one, we genuinely hope and expect that a first completed draft could be ready by the end of this year.

I will keep you posted every so often with our progress.

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